All playground racket delight

Exchange and sharing


We tested the different racquets out there; we tried the Frescobol Carioca, which we found terribly heavy, rigid and not at all eco-friendly. So we committed ourselves to the highest ethical standards, to producing a high quality product that reflects a sport that is based on exchange and sharing. These are the values that drive our project and that we wish to put forward.

Keep the ball alive!


To play Baliboa™ all one needs to do is to rally for as long as possible, and in whichever way possible. This is what attracted us most to this universal game, keep the ball alive. The players do not play against each other but simply try to keep the ball in the air. There is no competition, no winner … it is by playing “with” the other that the best exchanges can be had.

All playground all season


Baliboa™ – « tough and versatile » for all-terrain and for all seasons is conceived like a tool. Resistant, supporting intensive use and able to propel a soft ball over 40 feet in distance and this with very little effort. The distinctive soft ball does not bounce and does not hurt. One can play indoors or outdoors without risk of damaging whatsoever and without nuisance to others.

Beach bat delight


Each Baliboa™ racquet is made entirely by hand in Marseille using a unique and patented 5-ply composite that marries the lightness and malleability of cork with the strength of beech wood and other more rare wood veneers. Each one is made by hand from A-Z, each step is carefully supervised, nothing is wasted and every little bit of material is maximized.

Selecting the right racquet

Selecting the right racquet by Baliboa

Sensitive to the notion of price, we have tried to create a variety of racquets in different price ranges. Selecting the right racquet we try to reduce costs and margin when possible, without sacrificing quality and without succumbing to the diktats of “low cost” at whatever cost. This is why we offer a range of 3 kinds of racquets that while they adhere to our to our standards for quality and playability also offer a line of products for a variety of budget sizes, tastes, playing skills and frequency of use.

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