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Exchange and sharing
30 May 2016 Hervé

Racquet challenge

Ask only the best of yourself, we offer you that which is most precious to us: passion.


One day while we were vacationing with our kids on the Basque coast, feeling quite bored because there were no waves, we searched for something fun to do together under sun. On many occasions we had played with “beach racquets” only to be quickly discouraged by their poor performance. You know the ones, bad quality racquets that rarely last more than one summer or sometimes one afternoon.

My eldest son and I pondered on this fact and came to the conclusion that both the choice of materials and the usual egg shaped design often caused the racquets to break at the top of the shaft. This fragile and critical area on the shaft, together with the use of “dry” materials (often a badly decorated 3-layer plywood absent of any mechanical qualities) makes these “beach racquets” nothing more than another tourist trap. The racquet challenge was set.


So we tested the different racquets out there; we tried the Frescobol Carioca, which we found terribly heavy, rigid and not at all eco-friendly (the wood is made from the industrial scraps of companies associated to deforestation), and Matkot, which frankly make way too much noise (just ask the beach goers in Tel Aviv) and not very ecological either with their excessive use of carbon.


We knew then what we needed to do to satisfy our craving for play and our desire to be ecologically responsible, to participate in the protection of our planet. These are values we thought worth promoting especially for a sport that is practiced outdoors.

So we committed ourselves to the highest ethical standards, to producing a high quality product that reflects a sport that is based on exchange and sharing. These are the values that drive our project and that we wish to put forward.