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All playground all season
30 May 2016 Hervé

Play as you are

Baliboa® – « tough and versatile » for all-terrain and for all seasons is conceived like a tool. Resistant, supporting intensive use and able to propel a soft ball over 40 feet in distance and this with very little effort. The distinctive soft ball does not bounce and does not hurt. One can play indoors or outdoors without risk of damaging whatsoever and without nuisance to others.

Losing « weight » has never been more fun!

Baliboa® unifies

Baliboa® racquet sport advantage: it’s more than a sport; it is first and foremost a game. A game that puts a smile on your face while making you sweat, a game to be enjoyed with your family, amongst friends, or even with your neighbors. Baliboa® is 100% intergenerational and unisex. It does not require a special field or playground, nor does it require any special equipment (net, lines, special clothing or shoes).

The only limits are those of its protagonists who remain sensitive and aware of the limits of the other. This is an aspect of the game that we wish to encourage, especially today when individualism is increasingly criticized yet still present in today’s segmented society. Whether you chose to play alone against a wall, at 2 or 4 players, Baliboa™ allows one to exercise while creating bonds between people.

Incomparable grip

The Baliboa® racquet has an incomparable feel to it, is very responsive and has a comfortable grip. The use of wood veneer gives it a deceptively massive appearance; it is in fact a surprisingly light racquet, with only 290-330 grams depending on the model.

The Baliboa® racquet combines maneuverability and balance, weight and power, and is slightly head-heavy for the “Daily” model so there is no need to have a strong arm to propel the ball. In fact its cork core and the Corkintens® structure generate great speed and incomparable dynamism, very similar to the head of a tennis racquet. It has an impressive responsive rate even when you decenter the ball.

Complex to build, easy to play with

Our unique and patented design uses noble and ecological materials that we meticulously source ourselves. It is currently the lightest and most performing racquet in the market. No need to ramble on neither about recyclability, nor about carbon or Kevlar, the Baliboa® racquet is the product of Mother Nature, a nature that we respect and do not destroy.

The cork used is collected without cutting down a single a tree. We also work with cork specialists who share with us their expertise and traditional know-how. They supply us with cork that is aged several decades and at the end of their commercial life. Cork is a natural material that has fallen into oblivion, and we wish to preserve and share this ancestral material and know-how with the world. The virtues of cork give the Baliboa® racquet the most competitive weight/power ratio in the market today. Easy to play with, one only needs to hold it to immediately adopt it.

Unlike the clunky wooden racquet used for Frescobol or the razor thin one used for Matkot, Baliboa® is the only racquet “Made in France” today. Embodying all the qualities “à la française”, namely rigorous quality control and elegance… there is no other one like it. Baliboa® is a racquet that is autonomous and beautiful, ready to respond to your desire to play. It also invites you to go beyond this desire and beyond the aesthetic experience and revel in the joys of being together, in action, and in all simplicity.

Baliboa®, sings acclaim to greatest pleasures

One only needs to stroll down the beaches of Tel Aviv or watch a video like this one to understand that often one person’s pleasure is another one’s nightmare. That it is sometimes preferable, though completely incongruous, to use ear plugs to relax at the beach. No need for this with Baliboa®. The sound Baliboa® makes is muted and soft, soft like golden skin under the summer sun.

Baliboa® doesn’t smack, it sings. At last a fun activity that does not impose upon your neighbors, one that respects your body and your environment. They will wonder about the nature of this object that is at once, athletic and social, beautiful, tactile and so… silent. They won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

For all ages, from 7 – 87 years

Baliboa® is made for all people of all ages. You are above 50 years old? No matter – with Baliboa® you will be able to stay in shape without injury, reach and go beyond your own limits. Baliboa® gives pleasure, knows how to speak your language and knows how to strengthen your heart and your body.

Say goodbye to sport activities that cause injuries. Goodbye to tendinitis and to joint trauma. You will discover that Baliboa®, when played at one’s own pace, is very responsive and can be played at all levels of skill, intensity, and ambition.


Baliboa® is an all-terrain, or all “sea” rather, sport. The racquet has been designed and built following the rigorous methods and techniques of nautical construction and features an exclusive composite assembled and varnished with a special product derived from organic epoxies. Baliboa® is all the equipment needed; it will easily slip into your beach bag or workbag. Say goodbye to reserving a court or joining a club or gym, lets forget the annoying constraints and keep what’s essential – conviviality. Baliboa® is the perfect travel buddy.