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34 rue de la Joliette
13002 Marseille

Beach bat delight
30 May 2016 Hervé

Beach racquet motto

Rigorous and exacting

This motto is at the heart of Baliboa®. With our meticulous production and masterful crafting, nothing is left to chance as we deliver great beach racquet.

Beach bat made by hand in the south of France

Each Baliboa® racquet is made by hand in Marseille using a unique and patented 5-ply composite that marries the lightness and malleability of cork with the strength of beech wood (and other more rare wood veneers). Each racquet is hand made from scratch. Every step is carefully supervised, nothing is wasted, and every little bit of material is maximized.

R&D ?!

To produce one Baliboa® racquet, 18 different operations are needed. It begins with the transformation of the raw material and ends with the final 1 – 2½ hours (depending on the model) of meticulously putting the finishing touches. Our racquets are produced in small editions, each edition employing a unique finish proper to the series.

Our product research and development is ongoing. We continually test how our racquets react and play under diverse conditions. Most importantly, we are uncompromising when it comes to selecting the finest materials, employing masterful crafting techniques, and taking the time to make each racquet perfect. You might even say we are a bit obsessive!

We are constantly pushing for higher quality in hopes of proving wrong that old French adage “better is the enemy of good”.

If you have any suggestions of how we can make our Baliboa® racquets better please let us know!

Pop Cork® spirit

At Balboa® we don’t measure productivity in terms of volume, but rather in the pleasure of the game and the esthetic beauty crafted into each racquet. The Baliboa® philosophy is centered on the beautiful and the useful; We call this “The Pop Cork® spirit”. We envision items to be made for everyone and shared by anyone. This “arts and crafts for all” idea aims to unite performance and beauty. In short, the Pop Cork® Spirit gives us pleasure in making an object that will bring satisfaction to others. Restoring the long overdue balance of things and of the soul.

From the tree to your hand

We pay great attention to where we source the noble and natural materials we use (cork, beech and other precious woods), ensuring that they come from local sources. We are proud to say that Baliboa® is a product 100% Made in France, from the beginning to the end of the production chain.

The cellular structure, with its cork heart, gives the racquet its exceptional physical characteristics and is a product of our unending research. It is light, flexible, compressible, impermeable to liquids and gas, reduces noise, absorbs shock and vibrations, is chemically inert, and noncombustible. Cork adheres very easily to other materials and is very resistant to wear and intense use, making it the ideal material for our racquets.

But that’s not all! Our cork is periodically extracted from trees preventing damage to them as well as the need to cut them down. Additionally, cork it is perpetually recyclable. It is a material that is native to the Mediterranean region, organic and perfectly sustainable. Help us stop throwing cork away!